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1,000 Muckers

5k & 10k Cross Country Run

25 + Obstacles


5k and 10k options are available. The 10k is two laps of the 5k course. This means if you run the 10k you will face every obstacle twice! The exact  obstacles and number is top secret but expect at least 25 obstacles per lap. Below are some example of what you’ll face!

Typical Obstacles:

Monkey Bars

Tunnel Crawl

Bale Mountain 

Cargo Net

Tyre Crawl

Ice Bath

Up’s n Downs

Hardy Hurdles

Tyre/ Log Carry

Climbing Wall

Mud Hole

Tyre Squeeze 

Terrifying Trench

Slip & Slide

Cargo Net Craw



Daring Planks

Open Run​

And Many More...


Obstacles Subject To Change

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